Aesthetic Medicine

Ultraformer® III the gold standard in Multi-Depth Ultrasound Technology (HIFU)

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) with Ultraformer® III is the most advanced focused ultrasound treatment for the perfect face lift and body contouring & tightening without surgical intervention.

The principle of success of the Ultraformer® III HIFU treatment lies above all in the depth effect which is designed to treat deep skin layers without damaging the surrounding tissues. The micro and macro focused ultrasound waves are performed at defined depths in the target tissue by both precise and stable ultrasound energy into the focal region, which translates to minimal downtime. 

Ultraformer® III Body HIFU treatments stimulate existing collagen fibers by delivering targeted ultrasonic heat into multiple skin layers. Collagen fibers then shrink and create an immediate skin tightening effect while weak collagen fibers are destroyed and new collagen is produced. Results are immediately visible via the tightening of the tissue and the depth of wrinkles is noticeably reduced.

We all know that our appearance is a component of our beauty. After your treatment you will find your entire complexion is fresher, your skin more elastic and overall you will feel invigorated, younger and healthy! The perfect end result awaits you about 6 weeks after the treatment. In order to document the rejuvenating results, images are taken as part of the initial consultation and taken again after 3 months to portray the results.

Appearance is also a part of our health!

Reform Your Youth & Beauty - Naturally without invasive Surgery

The HIFU lift can be used all over the face and body to combat age-related sagging skin and to treat wrinkles. Excellent results are also achieved for fat reduction and body contouring on different parts of the body.

Treatable areas on the face,
on the neck and cleavage:

Treatable areas of the body: